Medium für kulturelle Nahversorgung Tirol

Awesome tapes from Africa

#08 2012 / Maria Markt

> 07.06.2012 Innsbruck, Internationales Filmfestival Innsbruck

Geographic and artistic roots:
I am originally from Chicago and I spent the last several years living in New York City. I DJ music from Africa on cassettes. My artistic roots in terms of how I play it would be centered toward experimental music and disco, my biggest inspirations outside African music.

"Good music" – what is that in your opinion?
"Good music" means something different to everyone, of course. For me, sometimes "Good music" is simply something that makes my thoughts move in a way they wouldn’t have without those sounds.

Your favorite place/town/club for a gig?
Brooklyn Or Helsinki.

Which concert would you never attend, even if you got payed for it?
Insane Clown Posse.

Is there any person/musician/artist you would love to play a gig with?
I would love to play a gig with Ornette Coleman.

Your music recommendation:
Boubacar Traore, DJ Rashad, Slava

Awesome Tapes From Africa, what do you associate with "Austrian music"?

This is a boring answer but it’s the truth: classical music.

> 07.06.2012 Innsbruck, Internationales Filmfestival Innsbruck