Medium für kulturelle Nahversorgung Tirol

Lasse Matthiessen

#12 2013 / David Schreyer

> 30.  November // Astnersaal Alte Post Wörgl

1. Geographic and artistic roots?
I grew up in Copenhagen in Denmark. My dad is a jazz musician and a producer and so as I child I listened a lot to jazz music and my dad took me to jazz concerts.
I have had an education in classical singing and so I guess classical music is also a part of my artistic roots.
Of course, later I‘ve listened to a lot of other different genres, among them american folk and rock music.

2. „Good music“ – what is that in your opinion?
I don‘t have a clue how to define that – I love a lot of different genres but for certain I need the musicians to convince – I need some kind of honesty and good hook lines.

3. Your favorite place/town/club for a gig?
There are so many great places to play. I guess I‘d like to play again soon in Paris. I love that city.

 4. Which concert would you never attend, even if you got payed for it?
A Justin Bieber concert ...

5. Is there any person/musician/artist you would love to play a gig with?
Oh, there are so many … who wouldn‘t like to share a stage with one of there heros – maybe Neil Young …?

6. Lasse Matthiessen, what do you associate with „Austrian music“?
I know of good austrian singer songwriter such as my friend Bernhard Eder or Squalloscope. I of course think immediately of classical composers when asked about austrian music.

> 30.  November // Astnersaal Alte Post Wörgl